Requirements for ship employment
  1. Requirements for all  positions:
    1. The required documents  must be  with validation at least one year from the application date:
      • Seaman’s book
      • Passport
      • Endorsement
      • Certificates:
        - Personel survival techniques;
        - Fire prevention and fire fighting;
        - Elementary first aid;
        - Personal safety and social responsabilities.
    2. Medical certification according to the company  terms and conditions.
    3. Good level of english language according to the occupied position.

  2. Position requirements:
    1. Officers:
      • Survival  craft and resque boat;
      • Advanced fire fighting;
      • Medical first aid;
        A.A. Officer positions:
        • Ship security officer – for  Master;
        • Medical care on board ship – for Master, Chief Officer  and  Second Officer;
        • Marlins english language test for seafarers held in BMTC – for Master (results above 80%);  for Chief engineer, Chief officer and Second engineer (75%);  for  OOW  (70%);  for EOW and Elecrtical engineer (60%).
    2. Ratings:
      • Personal medical book;
      • Certificates according to the position – for fitter and cook;
      • Basic level of english language -  interview required.

Application Form

Application Form / CV [ Type: DOC , Size: 121KB ]