Veslets Completes the Fleet of Modern Vessels in the Group of 36 000 to 43 Tons Deadweight 15.03.2017 Just two weeks after the bulk carrier Viden (ІМО 7301207), Navigation Maritime Bulgare enlarges its fleet of modern vessels in the group of 37 to 43 DWT. The bulk carrier Veslets (Veslets - IМО: 9621869) is the latest addition. The ship was built in 2012 in Zhejiang Zhenghe – Zhoushan, China and is the same type as the already acquired... show more
A new ship added to the fleet 06.03.2017 Following the first ship added to the fleet this year - the bulk carrier Chumerna (IMO: 9621871) Navigation Maritime Bulgare keeps on enlarging its fleet of modern ships in the group of 36 000 to 43 000DWT. The current addition is the bulk carrier Viden (IMO 961869).That ship was built in 2012 in Zhejiang Zhenghe - Zhoushan, China.It was up to now... show more
The first addition to Navigation Maritime Bulgare fleet this year is the bulker "Chumerna" 01.02.2017 Navigation Maritime Bulgare continues the renewal of  it’s fleet. The first addition to the company’s fleet this year, is the bulker "Chumerna" (IMO: 9621871). The vessel was built in May 2012 in Zhejiang Zhenghe - Zhoushan, China. By now the vessel was operated by the Swiss company “ABC Maritime” named “ADFINES SOUTH”.The main... show more
A new NAVIBULGAR 42300 t ship sailed away for her first voyage 19.12.2016 On 18th December 2016 the new 42300 t bulk carrier “RUEN” left the Chinese shipyard Jiangsu Hongqiang Marine Heavy Industry, Qidong (not far from Shanghai), for her maiden voyage.  Few days before the departure, the naming ceremony has taken place in the shipyard, attended by NAVIBULGAR Executive Director Aleksander Kalchev MFG and the... show more
A new replenishment of Navigation Maritime Bulgare Fleet 26.07.2016 Navigation Maritime Bulgare is now operating 28 modern bulk carriers and their number shall increase to 32 by the end of the year. The latest replenishment is the bulk carrier Sredna gora (SREDNA GORA – IMO 9486570). The ship was built in 2010 in the HUATAI HEAVY INDUSTRY shipbuilding yard - NANTONG, China under the name GLORY MODEST, and from... show more
Passengers on board the ferry vessel "Geroite na Sevastopol" can now access Internet at any time 25.07.2016 A modern complete communication solution including a satellite terminal Inmarsat Sailor Fleet Broadband 500, multi-functional device for on-vessel networking & communications IP Signature 4 and wireless Wi Fi network are already in operation on board. The communication system provides a constant access to the Internet and a high quality satellite... show more