Navigation Maritime Bulgare awarded with Saint Nicholas Award by the Bulgarian Chamber of Shipping
According to the established tradition, on December 19 (old style St Nicholas Day), 2017, the Bulgarian Chamber of Shipping bestowed its traditional annual Saint Nicholas Awards. Navigation Maritime Bulgare was the winner in the category of large enterprises in Bulgarian maritime business. The decision of the Management Board of the Bulgarian Chamber of Shipping was based on the assessment of the jury of competent professionals and of the audit firm engaged for that purpose. In addition to its sound financial results, Navigation Maritime Bulgare succeeds in maintaining the development and renewal of its fleet which currently consists of 33 bulk carriers, 5 tugboats and 2 ferry boats (hired on bareboat charter basis). The renewal of the fleet is guaranteed by the contracts for 8 new bulk carriers with high quality, brand new energy-efficient and eco-friendly design (6 bulk carriers with 45,000 DWT and two with 42,300 DWT) with two Chinese shipyards.
The Chairman of the Management Board of the Bulgarian Chamber of Shipping, Bogdan Bogdanov MFG, presented the award to Aleksandar Kalchev MFG, Executive Director of Navigation Maritime Bulgare.