NAVIGATION MARITIME BULGARE PROVIDES THE FERRIES „HEROES OF SEVASTOPOL“ AND „HEROES OF ODESSA“ WITH MODERN SATELLITE COMMUNICATIONS AND SATELLITE TV 17.08.2017 To improve the passengers’ conditions, Navigation Maritime Bulgare has equipped the two ferries with last generation satellite systems.Since August 1, 2017, the ferry “Heroes of Odessa”, operated by Navigation Maritime Bulgare, already has one of the most modern communication systems. Onboard the vessel there is a satellite terminal of the... show more
NMB Training Centre opened a hall in the building of the Company, in which basic and refresher courses "Medical care on board" will be carried out 04.08.2017 NMB Training Centre opened a hall in the building of the Company on "Primorski" Blvd., in which basic and refresher courses "Medical care on board" will be carried out. The Cabinet is specially designed with equipment, visual materials, manikins and simulators of world manufacturers of medical equipment and offers 12 places for trainees.This... show more
Navigation Maritime Bulgare continues investing in a new, energy efficient tonnage 02.08.2017 Navigation Maritime Bulgare has signed a contract with one of the top three largest shipyards in China for the construction of new 4+2 bulk carriers. The vessels will have a new, extremely efficient design and will be equipped with the latest engines, mechanisms and technologies. Each vessel will have a deadweight tonnage 45, 000 (DWT), maximum... show more
Another 42 300-ton vessel of Navigation Maritime Bulgare raised its flag and set sail on its first voyage 07.07.2017 The cost of the newly built vessel is BGN 34.5 millionFrom China comes yet another confirmation that Navigation Maritime Bulgare is quickly expanding its fleet. On July 6, 2017, the flag of the newly built 42 300-ton bulk carrier „RILA“ was raised in the Chinese shipyard Jiangsu Hongqiang Marine Heavy Industry, Qidong (not far from Shanghai).... show more
New marine tugboat for the Auxiliary fleet of Navigation Maritime Bulgare 09.06.2017 On 2th of June 2017, in Port of Varna took place the naming ceremony of the tugboat “Alcor”- newly built for Navigation Maritime Bulgare. This is the 20 th tugboat in the history of the Company and the 2nd marine tugboat in the Bulgarian Shipbuilding.The Godmother of the boat is Kalina Todorova. The tugboat was built in the Shipbuilding and... show more
Vola is Another Addition to the Fleet of Modern Bulk Carriers in the Group of 36 000 to 43 000 Tons Deadweight 07.04.2017 The bulk carrier Vola is the next addition to the fleet of modern bulk carriers in the group of 36 000 to 43 000 DWT of Navigation Maritime Bulgare (Vola - IMO: 9621895). The ship was built in November 2012 in Zhejiang Zhenghe – Zhoushan, China and is the same type as the already acquired motor vessels Chumerna, Viden and Veslets. Vola, just... show more