Naming ceremony of m/v Trapezitza
Naming ceremony of m/v Trapezitza – the 3rd from the series 45 000 tonne bulk carrier built in 2024

On May 30, 2024, the flag of the 3rd 45 000 DWT bulk carrier built during this year has been raised at the Chinese shipyard Jiangsu New Yangzi Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.
Mrs. Dani Domuschieva is the godmother of the second vessel Trapezitza in Navibulgar’s history.
Captain Ivan Gatev and engineer Dimitar Stefanov are her first master and chief engineer accordingly.
Trapezitza is the ninth from the series 45 000t bulk carrier from which the company is already operating Plana, Midjur, Buzludja, Malyovitsa, Milin Kamak, Okolchitsa, Rodina and Bulgaria.
The delivery of the 10th vessel from the series (tbn Tsarevets) is scheduled for the summer of 2024.
This is yet another definite confirmation that Navibulgar is successfully renewing its fleet and expanding its positions on the international freight market.
The first Trapezitza was a 21 500 tdw bulk carrier built in Varna.
Under the command of captain Strahil Ivanov in 2005, the vessel made a round-the-world tour, visiting all continents except for Antarctica. 
The lady serving in the fleet until 2021.

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