Naming ceremony of the 4th vessel named Shipka in Navibulgar history
Today, August 31 2022, the flag of the 6th from the series of twelve 32.150 tonne bulk carrier, contracted by Navigation Maritime Bulgare, has been raised at the Jiangsu Yangzi Xinfu Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.
Captain Genadi Kostov and engineer Yuri Dimitrov are her first master and chief engineer , and her godmother is Mrs. Chunyan Tang.
A year ago the flag of the first from the series 32.150 tonne bulk carrier m/v Kom has been raised at the same shipyard. 
The company also operates m/v Bogdan, m/v Perelik, m/v Verila and m/v Vezhen. 
Two more vessels of the same series are expected to join the fleet within 2023. They will be named “Musala” and “Slavyanka”.
The last four sisters from the series are expected to join the fleet in 2024.
The total investment will exceed $ 300 million.
This vessel is the 4th one in Navibulgar’s history named after Shipka peak.
It is remarkable that her flag was raised on the day Bulgaria celebrates the 145th anniversary of the Shipka Peak epic battles known as the Shipka epopee.
The first Shipka was delivered in Varna on January 7, 1939. She was a refrigerator steamship built in Germany. The lady was serving in Navibulgar fleet until 1978.
The second vessel Shipka was a motor sailing ship built in Varna in 1945 with a load capacity of 100 tonnes. She was a part of the fleet till 1961.
In 1979 the flag of the 24 285 tdw m/v Shipka (built in Varna Shipyard) was raised. She was the first Bulgarian lake-fitted bulk carrier. The lady was serving in Navibulgar fleet until 2009.

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