Bulnav manning

Bulnav Manning is the main authorized manning partner of NAVIBULGAR.

The company is established in Varna on 30 September 2013 and is duly certified in accordance with the Bulgarian law. Company 's main activities are mainly related to recruitment of qualified and experienced officers as well as ratings for vessels operated by Navigation Maritime Bulgare.

Bulnav Manning operates large number of qualified seafarers, mostly Bulgarian national, in accordance with STCW '95 convention and local requirements and regulations of the Bulgarian Maritime Administration.

In view of our Principle 's ongoing fast growth, we are constantly seeking for qualified, ambitious and experienced seafarers. We offer attractive working conditions on board the vessels of our principle.

Our team consists of experienced personnel, who take care of each and every seaman in offering and securing successful career on board all vessels of Navigation Maritime Bulgare.

Contact details:

Phone: +359 52 683 505 (Top two officers)
Phone: +359 52 683 434 (Chief Officers, Second Engineers, El. Engineers & all junior officers & engineers)
Phone: +359 52 683 509 (Deck & Engine ratings)
Phone: +359 52 683 433 (Cooks, Stewards & Catering boys)
Fax: +359 52 683 209

e-mail: crew@bulnav-manning.com